We have learned a lot from the first season, mistakes have been repaired, and our successes have been rewarded. Our key-word then was integration. We wanted to join, not just people, but concepts and actions. But we felt, through ideas such as 'Reprogram!' that we could go further with our innovations, because our audiences wanted us to. We have then decided the key-word for the next season should be dialogue.

We started to deal with the need to go further, to explore other possibilities, and to get exposed to new ideas, because that's how we really improve. We wanted to keep connecting, joining, innovating, going beyond music and dialoguing with arts and history, with places and concepts.

All composers went beyond their own craft and found inspiration elsewhere. This is not new in music, but in WGC it gets... a twist. And this twist comes from the live performance, presenting these pieces in a way that brings the performance to another level, dialoguing with our audiences about the role and importance of the stage, of the gestural performance, and requiring from audiences another level of concentration and commitment.

WGC's design was also revamped for the next phase. Our partners have done a great job connecting to the new concepts; composers are excited to get comments and new commissions; some audiences from the first phase are waiting to watch WGC again; reusable concert programmes are waiting to be used, written on, scribbled on, drawn on, and reused by someone else in a different country.

This bunch of excitement is what makes WGC one of the most dynamic music projects of the present days.

Now we embark upon a new challenge: to go Beyond. Shall we?

Fabricio Mattos

WGC Tailor-Made | Exclusive works beyond composition.

WGC Beyond means to go beyond imaginable. It is a mixture of performance and technique that explores the importance of the stage and encourages the audience to unveil new experiences. These were the goals that brought five composers to challenge their own craft to compose works that make WGC Beyond a dialogue with the audience.

Using different musical languages​​ Nick Norton, Ralf Bauer, Kelvin Fung, Fabiano Borges, and Jan Meisl will have their works performed worldwide by Fabricio Mattos in a different way of listening to music. Beyond the stage.

WGC Web | Creating experiences through cultural connections.

Knowledge, exploration, and discovery. These are some of the bases of the WGC. A project that creates connections and relates to audiences on global level, using social channels as sources of information, and going beyond the limits of communication between artist and audience.

Through this website and WGC's Facebook fan page you can follow the tours, explore the four fronts in which WGC is based and works and their composers, partners, among other curiosities involving concerts, trips, and new collaborations. Join this dialogue and share experiences. WGC Web is a walk between on and off line.

WGC Flash | WGC Content with the mobility of a flash drive.

In WGC, the flash drive is used as an alternative to the CD, offering content in a more attractive format by current parameters. In the flash drive you will find recordings of the works of the WGC Beyond (in high resolution WAV and MP3), as well as .pdf booklets in English with information about the project and partners, and details about the works and composers. WGC flash drives can only be purchased at the end of WGC concerts around the world.

WGC On the road | Concerts around the world.

Tours are at the core of the WGC. This season will feature concerts in several continents in 2014 and 2015. Apart from solo recitals by Fabricio Mattos with WGC's official solo programme, this season brings the brand new Parallel Contrasts, which brings concerts of guitar duos in very innovative programmes, being coordinated by Fabricio Mattos and Oegmundur Thor Johannesson.