In 2016 WGC will embark upon a new season. Our adventure now is to face the past and understand its place in our lives in the 21st century. We will bring to the world a glimpse of human cultural heritage, and discuss our attitude towards what we all share.

For this purpose we count on some innovations. First, the type of guitar to be used is considered a turning point in the history of this instrument. Johann Georg Stauffer, an early 19th-century Austrian luthier, designed a model that revolutionized the guitar in many ways, and WGC Heritage presents a modern replica especially made by Korean luthier Heehong Kim, founder and owner of 'Alma Guitar' and known for his meticulous dedication to perfection masterfully uniting tradition with innovation.

The program presented in all concerts will unite past and present, including original 19th-century works and, honoring WGC’s commitment to 21st-century music, new works especially written for this new season and this particular instrument. We invited composers from different countries and styles with the idea of creating a dialogue between the musical wealth of the past and the present.

With the new conception for Stauffer’s guitar and the creation of new works for this instrument, we seek to reinterpret our sense of tradition. Two centuries after Stauffer’s original creation we found a new relevance for the instrument used in the past, making it respond not only to its historical time but rather transforming it into a timeless object.

In this way WGC Heritage becomes a mosaic of many colors! These colors have always been there, but we will mix them in order to create a landscape of our own traditions, trying to understand how much of our heritage we still carry with us.

The Founder

Fabricio Mattos

Fabricio Mattos is a musician deeply committed in finding new paths for music performance in 21st century. In a constant quest for a distinguished attitude that values the artistic message over established technical and interpretative patterns, he has collaborated with dozens of composers, performers, poets, dancers, and other artists of many nationalities, backgrounds, and styles over the last few years, adding in quantity and quality to the present and future of guitar performance.

For further information about WGC’s founder, please access his website: www.fabriciomattos.com